After Max Zhang accidentally injured Donnie Yen’s nose while filming “Ip Man 3”, the latter revealed that he recently sustained another injury, this time on his left eye, during a fight scene with 40 stuntmen.

According to Oriental Daily News, the actor, who attended The One International Humanitarian Awards 2015 with wife Cissy Wang recently, stated that in the chaos of the fight scene, an axe suddenly flew right at his head.

Luckily, he was able to avoid a more serious injury.
“I asked them who threw the axe, but none of them answered,” Donnie said, jokingly. “I think it slipped out of someone’s hand. I didn’t pursue the matter further.”
“It’s no big deal. A man should have more battle scars,” he added.
Donnie also revealed that the axe was just a prop with no actual blade. However, the impact of the hit was still painful as the handle was solid wood.
When asked if his company has an insurance policy for him, Donnie stated that all the actors have insurance policy.
“I don’t know how much it covers, but the injury was not serious, so I haven’t filed a claim.”
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