A man in China has been advised not to pursue a lawsuit against actress Zhao Wei, after he filed one against her for staring at him “too intensively” through a TV drama.

According to ECNS News, on 11 June, the Supreme Court of Shanghai revealed at a news conference that the case is not up to the standards of litigation, and thus, cannot be accepted by the court.

The man reportedly was distressed after being ‘stared at’ by the actress’ character in the TV series, “Tiger Mom”, which tells the story of a Chinese mother who was too strict with her daughter’s upbringing.
Gu Weiqiang, the Deputy President of the Shanghai Supreme Court, stated that the man has been persuaded to not file the lawsuit, while Gan Wen, another personnel, stated, “It’s not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like this.”
The rejection comes just as China is changing its rules, which will make it harder for courts to reject claims.