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Last time we brought to you a round of interview with the big boss of Another Freakin’ Online Radio, or glamorously known as Aforadio. This time, we bring you the people behind the microphones themselves!

We recently had the chance to have a little chat with:

Joey G – previously hosted EDM-heavy “Turn It Up”, will now be in charge of “The Good Vibe Show”, a show with a playlist that consists of anything from lounge to nu disco to house music.
(Sunday, 2.30pm-4.30pm)

DJ Nesh & Ian a.k.a. TRuf – the former a newcomer to the radio DJ scene, the latter an ex-host of “The Crib Show”, together this hip hop duo will be hosting the brand new “So So Fresh” where they will cover anything and everything to do with hip hop.
(Tuesday, 8pm-10pm)

Mag – the bubbly host of “AFO LIVE with MAG”, a lifestyle show that covers everything from food, fashion, health, nutrition; you name it, Mag does it.
(Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm)

Vandal – the anchor of “The Crib Show”, working alongside DJ Lethal Skillz to deliver your weekly dose of the best in international and local hip hop sounds
(Sunday, 12pm-2pm)

Adrian Seet – host of “Arts Unplugged with Adrian Seet”, a show on performing arts and independent films where he gets the opportunity to interview actors, directors and producers, before their production opens on stage or in the cinema.
(Thursday, 11am-12pm)

DJ Augie – host of “Spinz”, where he promotes DJs, club events and music festivals around Malaysia, as well as promote international DJs when they come to our shores.
(Friday, 10pm-12am)

K’Sha – handpicks her Top 20 choice of songs ranging from pop, R&B, electropop, hip hop to K-Pop for “Top 20 with K’Sha”, also does the Top 40 hits.
(Wednesday, 8pm-10pm)

Read on to find out which Aforadio shows they would like to try, what’s new on their own show and what they would be doing if they weren’t awesome Aforadio DJs.

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(From left to right) K’Sha, DJ Augie, Vandal, DJ Nesh, William, TRuf, Mag, Adrian, Patricia K, Joey G, Norman.

Each of you do something different here at Aforadio, so if you were given the chance to host another DJ’s show, which show would you pick?

TRuf: I’ve already done two so… I would love to try Mag’s show. She meets a lot of really cool local as well as international people; she covers a lot of ground, and most importantly – food.

Mag: Yeah, I think I would try “So So Fresh” since it’s new, and it’s something trendy and young.

K’Sha: I would pick “Arts Unplugged with Adrian Seet” because I think it’s good to explore the world of performing arts, I think it’s something different from my show. And maybe “My Indie” by Patricia K.

DJ Nesh: I’ve never done radio shows before but given a chance I would say “The Crib Show”. I’ve been on the show but I never hosted it.

DJ Augie: I’ve hosted “The Crib Show” before with TRuf, Vandal and Skillz. That was really good. I’d probably pick “Top 20 with K’Sha” because I don’t know anything about K-pop. I want to learn everything there is to know about K-Pop.

Adrian: I would pick “Top 20 with K’Sha”, too. K-Pop isn’t my cup of tea but I’m trying to figure out the younger generation – Gen Y? – so that I can work with them better. That will be the show that I could do.

Vandal: I would pick Adrian’s show. I think I could give Adrian a run for his money. I like arts and I think aside from music, there’s a lot more we can cover. It’d give me the opportunity to explore and showcase other art forms.

Joey G: “The Crib Show” because these guys, they’ve got DJ Lethal Skillz on the deck scratching it up. There’s Augie, and then there’s Vandal free-styling and doing his thing. I don’t think there’s ever a dull or boring moment with the guys on “The Crib Show”, so that’ll be interesting.

IMG 61232B2528Custom2529
Aforadio DJs TRuf and Mag all smiles for the camera.

Alright, as for music, Aforadio plays so many songs from so many artists, but which artist do you think you identify with most musically?

Mag: J.Lo. I even use her song “Live it Up” because it actually speaks of the show, because it’s all about living life and doing what you want to do. That’s my motto.

K’Sha: I play too much of K-Pop on my show but I’ve been listening to this electronic British trio from London, Years & Years. That’s basically one of my favourite musicians right now.

TRuf: I don’t know if you would consider dancers as artists but I do. I would probably say True Colors of Radikal Forze in Singapore, or Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew.

DJ Nesh: I’d say Jimi Hendrix.

DJ Augie: Top 3 for me: Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown.

Adrian: I think Josh Groban because I wish I could sing like him. He’s got an innate talent. You either have it or you don’t, that’s my opinion. You cannot try to be a singer. You know like people in karaoke, people with full lifetime membership? Please don’t torture the rest of us. Musically, I think Josh Groban has an innate ability to understand music and utilise his skills. I like that he sings in many languages, it’s something that I think resonates with me. I can’t do any of the above but it resonates with me.

Joey G: That guy that they call DJ Joey G, have you heard of him before? I think he’s a Channel V VJ as well? [Laughs] No, I’m joking.  I wouldn’t say I relate to an artist, I would say I relate to a genre of music. It’s very hard to pinpoint it down to one artist, more towards a genre or style, I would imagine. And right now I’m all about the music that promotes good feeling, good vibe. I’m moving away from club, dance music; I would say my sound is maturing a bit more.

Vandal: I think in the same vein as what Joey said, for me it’s really hard to determine a sole artist or group because my taste is very vast in terms of styles of music as in hip hop or reggae, types of hip hop even. So it’s tough, but I think it would probably be someone like Chuck D or Nas.

IMG 61262B2528Custom2529
DJ Augie (standing) and DJ Nesh keepin’ it real.

What can your fans look forward from you, anything new to watch out for?

Mag: I think being at Paradigm Mall, it’ll give the fans a chance to meet whoever we came across, be it local personalities or celebrities. And they actually get to meet us in person in an aquarium like studio. So yeah, I think that’s cool.

TRuf: Expect a really wide range of music, very versatile DJs and host. We’re very fun to hang out with, so if you see us in the studio, you know you can feed us anytime.

Adrian: I think the next plan for me would be to have a show that is still under the brand name of “Arts Unplugged but maybe call it “After Dark”, an R-rated version of what I’m doing right now, so people can come and vent all their anger and frustration about the production that they see on stage. Because I’ve been asked many times to be a critic of performing arts productions and I find that it is unfair because I don’t think I’m an industry leader, I don’t think that I’m good enough to criticise people’s work but within the industry there are a lot of seniors, gurus, and people who’ve been in it for a long time, they want to criticise, so perhaps I want to give them a platform to do that.

The other future plan would be to perhaps travel with the programme, because performing arts is not just in Malaysia, you have them developing in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia. So perhaps to travel and see what we can learn from the other players within the industry in other countries.

K’Sha: More shows, maybe do something to promote more local music, to promote the local music scene.

DJ Nesh: Anything that’s fresh; not from the market, but whatever you throw on your back, put on your feet, shove down your throat, we’ll try our best to keep it fresh.

DJ Augie: More club events, live shows from Aforadio in the clubs as well. And a lot more parties to come like #sundayfunk.

DJ Nesh: Hashtag that!

Joey G: The fans can look forward to a playlist that is coming from local sources of music, which is not your mainstream style of music. There’s an abundance of music out there, more music than we could even listen to in a lifetime, to be honest with you. But what “The Good Vibe Show” will do is it sifts through all the music that’s out there and gets down straight to the good music. So you know that when you’re listening to “The Good Vibe Show”, you’re listening to a refined selection of music which I’ve spent hours on, going from hundreds and thousands of songs right down to a playlist of 30 songs in a 2-hour show.

Vandal: For “The Crib Show”, you can expect what we’ve always been bringing to the table, which is international hip hop old school, new school as well as throwbacks, going back to the origins of where hip hop came from. Expect a bit more in term of our talk sets and interview with people, we’ll be over in Holland covering the New Skool Rules Festival happening at the end of this month. So, we’ll be reporting and covering that.

We’ll also be more involved on ground with events happening in KL and around the country, focusing on hip hop music and culture. Not just music but also the different elements of hip hop, from DJs to B-Boys to emcees, to producers, graffiti artists and everything that encompasses hip hop as a culture.

Okay, final question, if you weren’t part of the entertainment industry, what would you be working as right now?

Mag: I’ve been in the radio business for 14 years and besides that I also am a copywriter, so I think I’ll fall back to being a copywriter. But more of the entertainment genre. I can’t live without entertainment!

TRuf: I didn’t go to school… before this I probably wouldn’t know but after a while, through doing entertainment, I think I’d probably be good at being a tour guide. But locally, only in KL.

DJ Nesh: I’ve been DJ’ing for 20 odd years. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be working at the zoo. I have this love for animals. But I can’t deal with porcupines and bears.

Adrian: That’s a difficult one because the only thing I can think of is the hospitality industry. In either travel or hotels, or in a situation or a job that helps me explore places of interest with a different point of view. I always thought it’d be fun to be a tour guide. I don’t want to be promoting a single destination, I don’t want to be promoting Subang over and over again for 25 years, I want to go to different destination and explore it with a group of people.

K’Sha: I’m going to go with chef because I like to cook. So that’s what I’m going to do if I’m not doing this right now. My best dish is pasta.

DJ Augie: I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 16 years now. If I’m not doing this, I think I’d probably be a dictator. Ill form my own country and it’ll be surrounded with water.

Joey G: If I was to go to what I was doing before I got into all of this, I would probably be building houses. [Laughs] Serious, I was doing apprenticeship in carpentry when I was a teenager. After school I’d go home and I’d do some work, or on the weekend or school holidays, so I was learning a trade, coming from London. Then I got into music and came to Malaysia and the rest is sort of history.

But if I had a choice to be what I wanted to be, I would’ve been some type of a fighter pilot. I’m into jets fighter planes and I love the thrill of flying. Although I don’t do it but I’ve always dreamt of doing it. I may have been doing that. Either that or something creative, I mean I believe I’m one of those creative types, I like to sit on and let creative juices flow. Hence that’s why I like carpentry, it is creative. My favourite class in school ever was CDT (Creative, Design and Technology), best class of my whole education system.

Vandal: I would probably be a Nano-technician scientist, I think. I love science and technology and I think that if I wasn’t in music as a creative person I would probably be a scientist.