Charitable actress Angelica Lee has recently flown to Cambodia to participate in World Vision’s child trafficking awareness programme with husband, Oxide Pang.

According to Wenweipo News, the couple, who made their first visit in May, recently held another visit to the country to understand the situation further. It was also revealed that the actress and husband were there to visit several children that they have sponsored and to promote the Child Sponsorship Programme as well.

Angelica revealed that she was saddened by some of the stories told to her by the children.
One in particular is about a poor girl who was tricked into leaving her hometown to Phnom Penh and was left with no place to live. She was later rescued by the police and is now under the care of World Vision, while another girl was cheated off her salary of three months by an irresponsible employer.
Angelica, who supported the Child Sponsorship Programme, stated that the project is a good way for people to help these children to live healthier and happier lives.
She also visited four of her sponsored children, and was happy to find that one of them, whom she has sponsored for the last ten years, is now married and able to live independently.
“I am very pleased. This confirms that sponsoring a child is very valuable,” she said.
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