Andy Lau reportedly has kept his promise to fans to introduce his daughter when she turns three years old, and did so during a fan gathering recently.

According to HK Channel, the actor, who is very private about his family life, has never showed off daughter Hanna to the public since her birth in 2012. He even hired bodyguards and advanced security to make sure that the paparazzi would not be able to snap photos of her daughter.

However, Andy promised fans that he will finally introduce his daughter to them when she turns three. 
True to his promise, Andy brought wife Carol and daughter Hanna to a party celebrating his fan club’s 27th anniversary on 6 June.
According to sources, Hanna, who was introduced on stage with her mother, was very shy and kept close to her father the entire time. 
Andy also sang at the event, which was attended by over 1000 fans, and showed off photos of his family during the entire song.
However, no photo was taken at the event. Reportedly, maximum security was employed, and no recording devices were allowed in. Fans were not even allowed to use their phones at the event.
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