Chinese actress Zhao Wei has become the first actress to be listed on the “New Fortune 500 Richest People”.

As reported on iduobo News, the actress, who has a knack for investment even before marrying husband, Huang Youlong, was ranked number 393 alongside her husband with a net worth of RMB5 billion (approximately USD805 million).

Aside from owning a large share in Alibaba Pictures, Zhao has also been involved in the stock market since 2005, becoming the fifth largest shareholder in Chongqing Road & Bridge Co Ltd., and made a small investment in an entertainment company.
The actress has also invested in various fields that she was interested in, including restaurants, real estate, and winery – the last which was confirmed by China Film Group Director Jiang Ping, who said, “If she wasn’t an actress, Zhao Wei would be great at selling wine.”
(Photo source: chinadaily.com.cn)