The production team of Hunan TV’s “Where Are We Going, Dad?” has yet to respond to Francis Ng’s recent announcement about suing the station for his son’s injury.

As reported on Mingpao News, back in September last year, Francis’ son Feynman accidentally fell and injured an area near his left eye while they were filming the show in New Zealand.

After receiving treatment from the hospital, Francis told the media that Feynman had a slow recovery and even suffered from blurred vision in October last year.
On 20 May, the actor accepted an interview with mainland media, and revealed that Feynman’s injury has been diagnosed to be permanent, and that his blurred vision cannot be restored.
Although he has been contacting relevant parties over the year to talk about insurance claims, he received no response whatsoever. Thus, Francis decided that it is time to take the matter to court.
However, when asked to respond to the latest development, the production team currently working in Yulin Village stated that the video of Francis’ recent interview was unclear due to bad reception, and that they will only address the issue once they are back from filming.
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