vic chou reen yu
Vic Chou has been more open about his relationship with Reen Yu lately, as he recently revealed that he sees her as a possible marriage partner.

According to China News, the Taiwanese star, whose rumoured romance with the actress sparked as early as 2012, admitted that he feels that he is in good shape now, and has plans to get married.

“I am not sure when that will be, but I hope it will be soon,” he said.
Vic also confessed that he is not one to marry on impulse; though being a low-key person that he is, the actor prefers to have a simple ceremony.
“It’s good enough for me to just register the marriage. But we have yet to discuss this,” he said.
Vic also hopes to become a father one day, though he will not rush into it.
“I want to have children, but not before marriage!” he said. 
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