After a five-year hiatus and working individually in the film and music industry, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi have recently returned as the pop duo Twins with a new EP, entitled “LOL”.

As reported by On CC News, the pop duo, who released their new song on 18 May, attended an interview with Commercial Radio and revealed that “LOL” is a gift to fans to celebrate the 14th anniversary of their official fan club.

“LOL”, which is an acronym for internet slang “laughing out loud” is an upbeat party song aimed to eliminate stress and negativity.
Charlene also took the time to clarify breakup rumours that have been circling around about her relationship with William Chan, and said that the two of them are still happy together.
She joked, “The breakup rumours are similar to menstrual cycle. You keep having it every month.”
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