Actress Sukie Shek, who is set to marry boyfriend Patrick Tang this year, expressed her full support for the actor after it was revealed that he has been penalised by TVB for withdrawing from its upcoming series, “Trendsetter”.

As reported on Asian Universe, the actress, who admitted to have already heard about the issue, stated, “It’s not convenient for me to comment on this matter, but every company has its own rules.”

“I will support Patrick in whatever he does. He is a very talented actor,” she added.
As for reports saying that the actor declined to work with ex-girlfriend Katy Kung so as not to jeopardise his and Sukie’s relationship, the actress replied, “That is very manly of him.”
Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Katy Kung stated that she wasn’t sure about TVB’s arrangement, but has no problem working with Patrick.
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