“He is a great guy,” said Simon Yam, when asked about his South Korean co-star Jang Hyuk in the upcoming film, “Inside or Outside”.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the Korean star, who is famous for dramas such as “The Successful Story of a Bright Girl” and “Slave Hunter”, reportedly turned down the role at first due to his hectic schedule. Eventually, Jang was able to make it and flew to Taiwan to work with the Hong Kong star, as well as Taiwanese actor, Wallace Huo.

“Although we don’t speak the same language, we have great chemistry,” said Simon. “I also use this chance to learn a little bit of Korean and ask him to teach me one line every day.”
It was rumoured that Jang made a slight change in his hectic schedule specifically to work with Simon.
When asked to confirm this, Simon replied, “Don’t say that. It’s just a good offer.”
“Inside or Outside” tells the story of a man with a mysterious past, who gets caught up in a series of accidents and becomes the target of an assassinator.
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