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Remember Shila Amzah (茜拉)? The female contestant from Malaysia who charmed the audience with her powerhouse vocals and good grasp of Mandarin in season 2 of ‘I Am A Singer’ (我是歌手)?

Most recently, the 24-year-old Malay singer is in the midst of cutting her first Mandarin album, which is seen as an opportunity for her to win over the Chinese speaking markets including Hong Kong.

“Bored with singing other singers’ songs”, Shila revealed that she would also be involved in composing some of the songs in the upcoming album.

When asked if she would learn Cantonese when she moves to Hong Kong, Shila told, “After learning to speak Mandarin, it’s very difficult for me to switch to Cantonese. But it would help if I had more exposure to the dialect.” Perhaps Shila could get her buddy G.E.M. to teach her Cantonese. To that, Shila said, “The strange thing about us is we can’t seem to communicate with one another in Mandarin, we have always spoken in English since we first met.”

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