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Award-winning Malaysian band Salammusik will be performing at various music festivals in the Europe this coming July.

The group which won the 19th AIM Awards (Anugerah Industri Muzik) for Best Album is a ten-member ensemble which includes Salam (vocal), Eyza Bahra (vocal), M. Irhas (trumpet), Bulya (drums) and Kamal Razali (guitar).

Their performance will begin from 25 July 2015 onwards at several festivals in Netherlands including Zwarte Cross Festival, Solar Weekend, Zomer van Antwerpen Festival, Landjuweel Festival and Woodstock69, according to The New Straits Times.

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“Performing at the festivals in Europe has become an annual event for us. Organisers love us, and the number of international followers has been increasing gradually. They love us because our band reflects our culture in both style and music. They long to see a culture which is different from theirs,” said the band’s leader, Salam.

Salammusik is known for performing in their traditional Malay outfits like the Baju Melayu to promote Malaysian culture at international level.

“It’s one of our gimmicks in trying to effectively push our culture forward,” said the trumpeter Irhas.

For more information on their European performances, visit their official Facebook page.

Check out the band latest song, ‘Terima Kasih”!
(Photos from: Salammusik FB)