The 22nd Beijing College Student Film Festival has recently named Peter Chan’s “Dearest” as its Best Feature Film.

According to Sina News, Chan recently attended the event held in Beijing on 9 May to accept the award, after defeating other nominees, including Jean Jacques Annaud’s “Wolf Totem”, Lou Ye’s “Blind Massage”, and Zhang Yimou’s “Coming Home”.

“The success of “Dearest” came when it resonates well with the college students. In today’s era, we have to find a way to be in line with the youth,” said the director in his acceptance speech.
In addition to Best Film, its lead actress Zhao Wei also won Best Actress – sharing the title with Tao Hong (“Forgetting to Know You”).
Though “Wolf Totem” lost the Best Film accolade, its director Jean Jacques Annaud won Best Director, while Qin Hao won Best Actor through his performance in Lou Ye’s “Blind Massage”.
Other winners include Wu Jing (Best Directorial Debut for “Wolf Warriors”), Zhang Huiwen (Best Newcomer for “Coming Home”), as well as Lu Han and Wang Likun (Most Popular Actor and Actresses).
Tsui Hark’s “The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D” won the Organising Committee Award, while “Twelve Citizens” – winner of Cinema d’Oggi at the Rome International Film Festival 2014, won Jury Prize.
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