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Being a former business and IT student certainly didn’t stop independent musician Jinx Chin from pursuing his strong passion in music.

Jinx, who is a Business Development Director at an audio-post and music production facility in Kuala Lumpur, has taken the leap to get the dancefloor moving with his original work via his debut single, “Hang On Tight”, which has all the catchy beats packaged into the feel-good Pop-Retro number.

Jinx is definitely not a newbie in the music industry. Though he has worked in rather varied fields of industry, including property development and shipping (yeah, really!), Jinx is also a talented music director, writing music for radio and television’s commercials!

During his free time Jinx has also produced covers of some of his favorite songs, that include “A Thousand Years”, “O Holy Night”, “You Raise Me Up” and “Sara Smile”, which can all be found on his YouTube page.

TheHive.Asia had a quick catch up with Jinx on his debut single “Hang On Tight” and the idea behind his fun new music video which officially launched today!

Hey, Jinx! When and how did you develop your passion of singing? Is this something you’ve just only ventured into?
My mom was an amazing singer and performer and I guess I may have unknowingly picked up some of those traits as I was growing up. I discovered the merits of the bathroom walls and how they seemed to make anyone’s voice sound good while singing in the shower, and this encouraged me further!  
The first time I actually sang in public was when I was high school. I was in a band called “RUBBER BAND” which I thought was the coolest band name in the world at the time.  We won a prize at the high school talent contest so I guess even though we kind of sucked, we didn’t suck that bad. I just carried on singing after that, but mostly back in the shower. These days, sometimes I get the privilege of singing jingles for TV and radio commercials, and that’s always fun.
Tell us about the sound of your first single “Hang On Tight”. It’s very upbeat!
Well I’m an upbeat kinda guy! Well, I can’t really say that, because I have written some super emo songs in the past. Some of them will be in an upcoming album, so brace yourselves for some super emo time!  
When I was working on the lyrics and concept of “Hang On Tight”… the whole Pop-Retro sound just formed in my head, and it seemed to fit the idea of the song really nicely. Anyway, the retro sound is showing itself from time to time in the today’s music, so I thought, “Why not?
Did you work on the song yourself from start to finish? 
Yeah, pretty much everything was homemade. I have a little recording studio at home, my little “man-cave”, so to speak. The great thing about technology nowadays is that it has brought prices of recording equipment down to a point where regular folks like you and me can have a recording setup at home.  This is especially convenient for me because, with a day job, I hardly have any time to go to a commercial recording studio to work on music.  
What about the concept of your music video. Can you elaborate and describe it a little for us?
The song about taking chances and seeing where it takes you, especially in love, despite the obstacles that may stand in one’s way. The concept of the video tries to capture this idea with the use of paper-doll cut-outs. 
It’s a boy-meet-girl situation of course, and they fall for each other, even though at first she seems a little unsure. The boy assures the girl to “Hang On Tight” and everything will be alright. The stop-motion style of movement signifies the girl’s slight cautiousness and as the video progresses, they begin to move in real-time, as her caution fades away, and of course they end up together!
Can we expect to hear more singles from you soon and any plans to release an EP or album?
I will be releasing a couple more singles and then I will put together an album by the end of the year.  Remember the many emo songs I had written in the past?  Yeah, they will be in there, so brace yourself!  Seriously though, the album will most likely be a rather eclectic mix of genres, so there will be something for everyone, hopefully.
Are you currently signed to a local record label or are you planning to produce all your music independently?
It’s all DIY for now! I’m not signed on to any label for now and while there’s no immediate plan to, I’m always open to any possibilities.
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Do you plan to stick with this upbeat Pop-Retro genre or are there more genres you would like to explore to make music for?
In my past life of being a jingle-writer, I had to develop my appreciation of all genres of music, and hone my writing skills to be able to be able to write music of every genre, as was required by clients.  So, yes, I would love to write songs in many genres, as long as they resonate with listeners. But between you and me, I’m an R&B guy, with a little Jazz thrown in for good measure!
Who are your musical inspirations?
I am inspired by different artists for different reasons.  I admire Lionel Richie for his ability to write ballads that are memorable and also for his longevity as a performer; Ed Sheeran for his versatility in songwriting; John Mayer for the depth of his songs, Dianne Warren for her songwriting prolificacy; Dirty Loops for their virtuosity; Brian McKnight for just making everything he does sound cool, and the list goes on and on.