Taiwanese actor Mark Chao was revealed to have recently been admitted to a hospital in Xiangshan.
According to Mingpao News, sources claimed that the actor was injured in the studio while filming Luc Besson’s new movie, “Warrior’s Gate”. His medical record also indicates that the actor will undergo a CT scan for his chest and ribs.

However, some Netizens expressed criticisms over the disclosure of Mark’s medical file, saying that it’s a violation of a patient’s privacy.

“Warrior’s Gate”, a Sino-French film written by Luc Besson and Robert Kamen (“Taken”), tells the story of a teenager who is magically transported to China and learns to convert his videogame skills into those of a Kung Fu warrior.
Directed by Matthias Hoene, the movie also stars American actor Uriah Shelton, and Chinese actress Ni Ni.
The movie has just started filming this month.