While rumours are rife that William Chan will star in the mainland remake of the hit 2001 TVB series, “A Step into the Past”, it was revealed that Louis Koo is planning to produce the film version of the series soon.

According to HK Channel, the actor-turned-producer, who previously starred in the series, has already negotiated the rights to make a film adaptation several years ago, but had to postpone the project due to funding and script issues.

However, with the establishment of his own production company last year, the support from overseas investors, and the newly-amended script, the actor is ready to begin filming the movie next year.
Louis, who will reprise his role as Hong Siu Long, the modern Hong Kong VIP protection unit officer who travels back in time to the Warring State period of Ancient China, also hopes to invite the original cast of the series, which includes Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan, Kwong Wah, and Sonija Kwok.
Raymond’s manager Mani Fok has also confirmed the news, saying that the actor has received Louis’ invitation.