There has been way too many last minute concert and show cancellations, especially those that involve international artistes. These concerts were not cancelled a month or a week earlier, but some even at the very last minute.

The concert-cancelled-at-the-last-minute trend has been taking place quite often now in Kuala Lumpur, and it only got worse after the drug abuse incident at Future Music Festival Asia 2014 which killed 6 people and the controversial K-pop scandal incident where the members of B1A4 got too close with some female Muslim fans.

This two unfortunate cases truly defines the idiom “one bad apple spoils the bunch” or in the Malay proverb, “kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga”. Due to the actions of some irresponsible individuals, other music lovers are to suffer the consequences.

Therefore last month, JAKIM (The Malaysian Islamic Development Department) had issued a new set of rules and regulations for concert-goers and organisers. As to be expected, the new guidelines were thoroughly rejected by all parties who claimed that the rules were absurd and ridiculous.

Furthermore, a non-profit organisation called ALIFE (Arts, Live Festival and Event Association) has proposed a one-stop centre for event organisers to get their permits as a solution to avoid last minute concert-cancellations by the authorities as well as to prevent financial loss among concert organisers.

With hopefully no more cancelled concerts in our near future, let’s look back at some of the cancelled concerts, shows, performances or music festivals in Kuala Lumpur that we never got a chance to experience.

Cash Cash Showcase @ Zouk KL
Cash Cash Club Sutra

The EDM trio, DJs Cash Cash which consists of Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch, was supposed to perform at Zouk Club KL last Sunday on 9 May 2015, however their show case was abruptly cancelled when the police raided the place without any notice. The reason for the raid is unknown.

Thirst 2015: We Are All Stardust

This much-awaited music festival which was to bring about some of the most famous DJs in the world, was supposed to be held at the MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) on 25 April 2015. Sadly, it was also cancelled at the eleventh hour when the police department decided to revoke their permit. The reasons provided by the police for the cancellation is because there has been objection among local citizens who are worried that something unwanted might happen during the festival.

Metal band Carcass show
Carcass New Video

British hardcore metal band Carcass was supposed to have their concert this month, but the band failed to get their visas from the government due to their unsuitable lyrical content. But what’s even more disappointing is that the band decided to vent their anger of not being able to perform here by uploading an upside down Malaysian flag along with some sarcastic remarks on the Malaysian government. (not cool, Carcass!)

Metal band Kreator Live in Kuala Lumpur

Another metal rock band’s show had been cancelled at the last minute – to be precise, an hour before their performance. Kreator was supposed to perform at Scandals Club on 25 April 2014, but the show was cancelled by DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) because Scandals Club’s entertainment permit had reached its due date. What’s worse, the ticket buyers of the concert became the victims of the whole incident because the organisers refused to refund the tickets as they claimed that they are not responsible for the cancellation.

* The list only include concerts from this year and last year, there might be some others that we have missed, so if you happen to know of more cancelled shows, do leave us a comment.

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