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Blues legend B.B. King aka. the “King of Blues”, has passed away at the age of 89, today.

King who was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist, had peacefully passed away in his sleep on Thursday 14 May 2015 at 9.40pm local time at his home in Las Vegas, Daily Mail reports.

Early this month, King was hospitalised twice due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes. It was also announced on his website that he was in hospice care at his home in Las Vegas.

King sold millions of his records worldwide and was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the 80s, and in 2014, he was finally inducted to the R&B Music Hall of Fame.

King has received a total of 15 Grammy Awards with the last one in 2009.

(Photo source: grammy.com)

B.B. King is truly one of the most influential blues musicians of all time, his legacy will definitely be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime.

(Main photo source: cbslocal.com)