After much speculation, TVB actor Kevin Cheng has finally admitted that he and his “Blue Veins” co-star Grace Chan are currently dating.

According to HK Channel, Kevin, who has been rumoured to be dating Grace since the latter was spotted visiting his residence back in March, recently confessed to their relationship, saying that their romance blossomed after working together in Holland.

“After spending time together, we felt comfortable interacting with each other. I admire her good personality,” said Kevin.
The actor also hopes to be given space for their relationship to blossom, as he dreams of finally settling down and having children.
Singing praises for the beauty queen, Kevin said that he fell for her traits.
“Though she comes from a wealthy family, she doesn’t behave like rich girls who are afraid of hardship. It’s a rare quality and I admire her for it,” he said.
As for their age gap, Kevin being 45 and Grace 23, the actor said that it doesn’t disturb him at all, as long as the two of them can communicate well with each other.
As for now, the couple is slowly getting to know each other.
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