It looks like Dao Ming Si, it sounds like Dao Ming Si, but it’s not Dao Ming Si.
At least that’s what Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan said about his role in the upcoming new series, “My Best Ex-Boyfriend”, according to ET Today.

Similar to his famous character in “Meteor Garden”, Jerry plays the role of a domineering CEO, only this time, tries to win back his ex-girlfriend (played by Chinese acress Jiang Shuying).

Though it may sound similar, Jerry stated that the characters are entirely different.
“I always look for new type of roles to play. Adding the fact that the role is more mature and has a different personality, I believe the new character and Dao Ming Si are not the same,” he said.
Written by “iPartment” co-creator, Wang Yuan, the series also stars Ron Ng, M. Lu, Lan Xin, and Li Yiyi.