Jay Chou’s management company, JVR Music has stepped up to clarify the issue of a lawsuit that has befallen the Taiwanese star recently.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, a Xitang hotel management has filed a lawsuit against Vincent Fang, Jay’s good friend cum lyricist and director of his music video, “Passerby”, saying that the filming team did not pay the cost of their accommodation and other services at the hotel amounting approximately RMB 98,000 (USD 15,789).

While the Jiashan County court has accepted the case, JVR Music recently released a statement regarding the issue.
The statement revealed that Jay was invited to shoot his new song, “Passerby” at the end of last year in Xitang, in helping to promote Xitang’s scenic view and Chinese culture.
“Both Jay and Vincent Fang were committed in spreading the beauty of the Chinese civilisation, thus [Fang’s] Culture Media Co. Ltd. was pleased to accept the invitation. The two parties signed an agreement which stated that they will take care of Jay, Mr. Fang and the accompanying staff’s accommodation, dining, and other expenses,” according to the statement.
It continued, “When we heard that the hotel has taken the case to court, we were really stunned, because we know nothing about it and in the end, we know nothing about what has caused this undesirable result. Nevertheless, it has tainted our image.”
JVR added that they strongly urge the relevant parties to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. The company also revealed that the Xitang Tourism Bureau has stepped up and discussed the issue with the hotel management to avoid more misunderstanding.
JVR also denied previous reports of Jay’s lawyer supposed response on the matter. 
(Photo source: Subaonet.com)