There has been a lot of shocking decisions in this year’s Golden Melody Awards nominations, which was released on 18 May.

While some powerhouses such as A-Mei, Jacky Cheung, and Eason Chan compete in major categories, many of its regulars, including Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin, and Stefanie Sun, were absent from said categories.

Although Stefanie made her long-delayed comeback with “Kepler” last year, the judges felt that the album was quite average compared to other nominees, and thus was dropped from any major categories.
Jam Hsiao, who won Best Male Singer in 2013 and has been a regular nominee since 2009, received no nomination at all, according to LTN News. 
The same goes to singer-songwriter JJ Lin, who was not nominated in major categories for his album “Genesis”. However, Eason Chan’s album, “Rice and Shine”, which he helped produce, is nominated for Best Album and Best Composer.
“I am happy for Eason. It is the first time that I was deeply involved in the production, so when he was nominated, it felt like a recognition to me,” said JJ.
The singer stated that the public always pays more attention to singers and none for the people behind the scenes, and hope that people will now recognise musicians’ effort.
“However, I also put a lot of effort in my own album, especially in the production aspect. I am a little disappointed that it didn’t get recognised.”  
Nominees for major categories of the 26th Golden Melody Awards are as follows:
Best Song of the Year
“Play” (Jolin Tsai)
“Search Notice” (Lala Hsu)
“The Rest of Time” (Jacky Cheung)
“Faces of Paranoia” (A-Mei)
“Island’s Sunrise” (Fire Ex)
Best Mandarin Album
“Play” (Jolin Tsai)
“Search Notice” (Lala Hsu)
“Wake Up Dreaming” (Jacky Cheung)
“Rice & Shine” (Eason Chan)
“Aiyo, Not Bad” (Jay Chou)
“Departures” (Karen Mok)
Best Mandarin Male Singer 
Jacky Cheung (“Wake Up Dreaming”)
Eason Chan (“Rice & Shine”)
Khalil Fong (“Dangerous World”)
William Wei (“Some Fear”)
Roger Yang (“Beast in the Dark”)
Best Mandarin Female Singer 
Lala Hsu (“Search Notice”)
Waa Wei (“Still want to Believe in Love”)
A-Mei (“Faces of Paranoia”)
Karen Mok (“Departures”)
A-Lin (“Guilt”)
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