Gary Chaw’s wife has recently released a statement to express her overall feeling over the public’s criticism about her husband.

Previously, Gary was enraged over rumours saying that it was her daughter Grace who caused the injury of Francis Ng’s son Feynman’s left eye during the filming of “Where Are We Going, Dad?” last year.

The actor released a series of concerned and angry posts online denying the rumours, and even asked to sit down with Francis and Hunan TV to settle the issue.
His action, however, sparked criticism from Netizens instead.
On 24 May, his wife, Wu Sou Ling, expressed, “At this point, I felt powerless. As a wife, I can’t bear to see him suffer.”
She stated that while Gary has been criticised and slammed previously for his drinking problem and other issues, this time, she was especially upset as it involves their child.
“If we did wrong, we will apologise. But users, please be reasonable,” she said.
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