Francis NG
Hong Kong actor Francis Ng recently expressed disappointment that his fellow “Where Are We Going, Dad?” star Gary Chaw was being cyberbullied by Netizens for what was originally his issues with Hunan TV, Tencent Entertainment reported.

Gary previously had to temporarily suspend his Weibo account after being continuously attacked by users who accused his daughter of being responsible for the injury of Francis’ son, Feynman.

Speaking to the media to promote his new film in Guangzhou recently, Francis expressed, “Gary has constantly written an open message to me online, but I didn’t know how to reply to him. The matter has already been resolved.”
Although the actor has not responded publicly to Gary’s plea, Francis showed his position about the case, saying that he doesn’t understand why people would hurt another child in this issue.
“So, I do support implementing real name system on the internet, so we could avoid a lot of trouble. These people are basically criminals,” said Francis, in regard to Gary’s cyberbullies.
“We need to address this problem, because it can create a generation of irresponsible people. The seriousness of cyberbullying is only next to corruption.”
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