Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) and the event organiser for Joey Yung and Hacken Lee’s upcoming concert have recently released a statement to warn fans about ticket scammers.

As reported on Wenweipo News, previously, it was revealed that some unknown sources have illegally posted an unauthorised upcoming poster for Joey and Hacken’s concert and used it to prey on eager fans.

The perpetrators reportedly put their phone numbers on the posters and advertised advanced ticket bookings on online groups in hopes of deceiving fans into buying false tickets with overcharged price from them.
EEG had since released a joint-statement with the concert organiser, saying that there are scammers who have been using the posters to cheat people’s money on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and Weibo.
They also stated that they have submitted the case to their lawyer for further action.
Joey Yung and Hacken Lee’s joint Coliseum Concert will be held in September.
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