Eddie Peng said that he no longer has any regrets in life, after working on Dante Lam’s upcoming sports film, “To the Fore”.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the actor, who plays the role of a cyclist in the upcoming movie, revealed that he enjoyed the filming process and the opportunity to film in various picturesque locations – from the snowy mountain in Italy, the exciting velodrome in Busan, the historical Shanghai Bund, to the beautiful Tengger desert, which is China’s fourth largest desert.

“The shoot in Tengger Desert was the most memorable,” said Eddie. “It was a lot of fun and the desert was truly beautiful.”
“To think that I have the opportunity to ride a bicycle in the desert, it was really lucky of me. No matter how difficult it was, it was worth it. I have no regrets in life!” he added.
“To the Fore” co-stars Shawn Dou, Carlos Chan, and Super Junior’s Choi Si-won.
(Photo source: orientaldaily.on.cc)