TVB actor Derek Kok recently revealed that he has terminated his contract with the company prematurely to sign with a mainland agency.

As reported on HK Channel, the actor, who has been working with TVB for the last 30 years, reportedly said yes to the new mainland company due to the large amount of salary that was offered to him.

According to sources, Derek will receive a salary of over RMB1 million per year, which is twice or three times the amount of his salary with TVB.
Another rumour has also emerged, saying that the actor needed extra money to take care of his family of four, and has angered TVB executives, who then forced an early termination of his contract.
However, Derek recently denied this, saying that the decision for the premature termination was a mutual one.
“I have worked for TVB for nearly 30 years, and I do want to get new opportunities and developments,” said Derek. “The early termination was suggested by [TVB Executive] Virginia Lok.”
However, Derek will have no qualms filming a series for TVB if there is a suitable role for him.
When asked if the mainland company did offer him a hefty salary, Derek laughed and said, “I can’t discuss it now.”
Derek’s latest drama with TVB is “Wudang Rules”, co-starring Chin Siu Ho and Tavia Yeung.
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