Rumours continue to flow in about Myolie Wu’s future in the industry, since the actress has yet to give any positive response about renewing her contract with TVB. 

The latest rumour revealed that the actress has already said yes to China 3D Digital Entertainment, which has offered the actress a three-year contract worth a whopping HKD25 million (USD3.2 million).

Sources revealed that China 3D’s Stephen Shiu Jr. has also promised her HKD12.5 million to be paid in advance, as well as several new movies tailored for the actress and high-quality mainland dramas that Myolie desires.
China 3D was not the only entertainment company that has been coming her way. Previously, it was reported that Huayi Brothers, NowTV and ATN Talent have also approached the actress, though it was China 3D’s offer that was deemed the best.
When asked to address the rumours recently, the actress only replied, “My contract hasn’t ended yet. I won’t respond to anything right now.”
If not renewed, Myolie Wu’s contract with TVB will end in July this year.
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