“Frienemies” Chapman To and Anthony Wong have set aside their differences to work together in the new movie, “Mob Father”.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the two stars, who have been at each other’s throat due to differences of opinion, recently have reconciled after they share the same views about the Occupy Central movement.

Though Anthony had once vowed not to work with Chapman again, the new development of their love-hate relationship has enabled them to collaborate in the upcoming Herman Yau film, produced by Chapman.
Chapman also hinted about their mended relationship online, by uploading several photos of him with the opinionated actor. The two of them were also observed meeting up and talking to each other with ease during breaks and costume fitting.
As for his role in the movie, Anthony revealed that he plays a powerful mob boss who suffers from prostate cancer.
No further details about the project have been released.
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