She got to work with multinational stars, including “Superman Returns” star Brandon Routh and Chinese star Kitty Zhang, but to Bernice Liu, the most thrilling experience of working on the sci-fi thriller, “Lost in the Pacific”, is the experience of using real guns.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, who plays a villain in the upcoming movie that just recently wrapped up filming, revealed that she has filmed various action scenes involving a real weapon throughout production.

“It was my first time using real guns. I even got to use three sub-machine guns,” she enthused.
Bernice stated that it was safe as there are professional trainers on set with them at all times.
“I have been training with them since my first week,” said Bernice, who admitted that she was at first worried about using actual weapons. “I heard about things that can happen while filming shooting scenes. That made me a bit worried.”
Co-written by Peter Cameron and Vincent Zhou, and directed by the latter, “Lost in the Pacific” tells the story of a group of elite passengers on board 2020’s inaugural luxury, transoceanic flight that were stranded on a remote island after a plane disaster.
It has recently entered post-production and is scheduled for release later this year.
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