Andie Chen recently expressed his love and admiration for wife Kate Pang, for her decision to talk about her miscarriage.

On 1 May, the actor turned to Facebook and wrote a long post, saying, “After the surgery, she said she wanted to tell the media about our loss. I remember that I resisted the idea at that time. [I mean], why should we let people know our private affairs?”

“But Kate told me, ‘The doctor said that one out of six babies will have the same case just like ours’. She wanted to let other mothers know that it will be alright, to ask them to be strong, and prepare themselves for another new life again.”
Andie thanked his wife for teaching him a valuable lesson, saying, “I admire your strength and I will lift my spirit and prepare myself for the next member of our family as well.”
A few days later, Andie posted a photo with his 11-month old son, Aden and said, “Can’t wait to spend time with this silly boy.”
Kate previously opened up about the miscarriage of her second child, revealing that her baby didn’t develop well after four weeks, and had to be removed for her safety.
(Photo source: Andie Chen’s Facebook)