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Two days left until Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), and we know many of you Star Wars fans are getting excited for this particular day!

The impact of the Star Wars Force is strong, which can be seen reflected by the size of its fandom that consists of people from all ages and all walks of life, regardless of gender, race or status.
On this particular day, there will be plenty of Star Wars themed parties going on, which include Star Wars fans or friends getting together, watching Star Wars marathon, having lightsaber fights among friends or playing Star Wars games.
But what’s a party without food – especially Star Wars-themed food!
Below, we gather some of the coolest Star Wars themed food made by fans from all over the world.

Star Wars-themed cupcakes
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Stormtrooper Candy Pops
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Death Star Cake
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Princess Leia cupcakes
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Stormtrooper lunch box
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Vader Toast
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Vh funny food chewbacca star wars
Chewbacca lunch box
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yoda pizza
Yoda pizza
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20090518 starwars breakfast
Stromtrooper cereals
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Vader cake
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Star Wars-themed cookies
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