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Another Freakin’ Online Radio, or Aforadio for short, has been around since 2010. Fast forward half a decade later, what started out as a small online venture has now expanded into a full-fledged radio station – with a brand new studio to boot!

Aforadio boasts a lineup of DJs that bring different flavours to the table; from hip hop to K-pop to arts and food, the station has it all.

Hoolabaloo recently sat down with CEO of Aforadio, William Lim, and asked him about the radio station’s new jams, new shows and new studio which is based at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya!
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William with the Aforadio DJs.
Tell us a little bit about Aforadio.
William: We started since 2010, since then we’ve been doing all the preparation because during the time, we didn’t really have an online radio yet. And the system was not really out there yet, so we had to develop it. Once we got it running, we started getting all the proper shows and DJs in to our studio. And now, here we are at Paradigm Mall.
How has Aforadio grown or evolved since then?
When we started in 2010, we were broadcasting on a small scale. And since then, for the past 2 to 3 years, we’ve grown in business and followers. They’re very strong because we’ve got different segments, as you see, our DJs and our shows have their own followers. We try to make it very interesting for the listeners as well.
Why the different segmentation?
We want to have different varieties so we can cater for all listeners and cover all genres. So what we do is we segmentise the shows. If you want to listen to hip hop music, you know you can just tune in on Tuesday or Sunday and listen to hip hop, if you want to listen to things about art, tune in on Thursday. We have also have lifestyle show like “AFO LIVE with MAG”, or indie show like Patricia K’s “My Indie”, then we have Joey G where he spins EDM music but now we’re changing the show, he’s going to do a new show called “The Good Vibes”. We also have a new hip hop show coming up called the “So So Fresh”, to be hosted by DJ Nesh and Truf. To be realistic, people don’t listen to radio or watch TV 24/7. Of course, we have music 24/7, the listeners can tune in anytime and still listen to other music as well.
So Aforadio has opened a new studio at Paradigm Mall, where next?
We just opened at Paradigm Mall, broadcasting starts on 18 May. But the launch will be somewhere in June. So now we’re not only broadcasting online, we’re also broadcasting in Paradigm Mall. And next will be at KLIA2. We’ll be broadcasting first, a studio there will be the next plan.
The new studio at Paradigm Mall
(Photo source: Aforadio’s Facebook).
How does Aforadio differ from other radio stations, mainly the FMs? And what makes it stand out?
We’re focused online, we have an app, we have a website, we do social media. Same goes for FM, they do the same thing. But we make sure there is an archive for our show, so people can listen to older shows. We have videos; whatever is happening, our team goes out and film. So we’re not just radio, we do videos as well. 
We’re not only heard in Malaysia, we’re heard worldwide. We have listeners from U.S., Canada, India, Thailand, Singapore, and more. We’re a worldwide radio, we have a bigger reach. You don’t have to change channel or frequency, we’re just Or you can get our app and just listen to us on that. We’re a closer reach because you can listen to us whenever you have your laptop or smartphone with you. Also, now there are a few cars like Hyundai, BMW, Mini Cooper, with a built in android radio in their car. Just download our app and you can listen via it. 
Another thing is we have a lot of indie artists sending us their songs. We’re not just a radio station, we can be a platform for artists, performers, to help promote themselves. That’s the whole idea. A few of the local artists, we’ve been supporting them, and they’ve been very supportive toward us as well.
“AFO LIVE with MAG” broadcasting from the new studio
(Photo source: Aforadio’s Facebook). 
What does Aforadio have in store for the future?
We’re now in a mall, so we’re not going to focus only on the radio programmes, we’re going to have more activities and more ground shows and events. We plan to do more, we’ll have mini concerts, weekend shows, things like that. This is not just for the listeners, but also for the artists. Whichever artist would like to work together with us, we can set up a platform for a weekend concert, or even monthly concert. We also plan to get a few more DJs, and we have a few new shows coming up.
Care to tell us a little bit about yourself?
My main business is events, I’ve been doing events for more than 20 years. And I think music is life, anything that we do without music is going to be so boring. Doing events every day, you’ll need something to help you unwind at the end of the day. For me, that’ll be music. I like jazz, anything leaning to that sound, as it is very soothing and relaxing. Because it’s so hectic every day, you just want to relax at the end.