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“It’s nice to be away, to be astray, to feel alive again…”

The lyrics from Malaysian hip-hop duo Dose Two’s new single, “A Day Away”, certainly resonates with a lot of Malaysian urbanites who crave to be away from the concrete jungle.

Dose Two’s Sayla and QBe express what many city folks in Malaysia feel in their first official music video “A Day Away”, which portrays the boys leading their stressful and busy lives in Kuala Lumpur while wishing for some peace and quiet.
Sayla and QBe, who currently reside in the bustling city of Petaling Jaya, surely can relate a lot to the song they made.
Directed by Al Ibrahim, the music video, which was released a week ago on YouTube, shows QBe looking bored while gobbling up Malaysians’ favourite Ramly burger and for some reason Sayla is working in a farm, shot at Permaculture Farmstay Perak.
The track “A Day Away” is the latest single from Dose Two which will be leading the pair’s forthcoming Album, “Ordinary Heroes”.
Watch the music video below.