While the mainland version of Fan Bingbing’s “The Empress of China” had all the actresses’ faces zoomed in during broadcast to censor their cleavage-baring costumes, TVB took a more creative approach towards the problem – by adding fabric to the revealing dresses.

According to a report on Asian Universe, the station, which has recently broadcasted the period drama for its Hong Kong viewers and TVB subscribers in the region, has hired a professional team to fulfill the task of digitally adding fabric to cover the cleavage area instead of cutting the scenes or zooming in on the actresses’ faces like it was done for the mainland broadcast.

The colour and pattern of these digitally-made up fabric were carefully done and matched with the original costume so that the viewers will not be able to tell that it was added in by a computer.
TVB revealed that the decision was made so that the viewers will still be able to enjoy the drama, as well as the beautiful scenery and costumes altogether.
Aside from the added fabric, the company has also re-edited the original 96 episodes drama into a compact 70-episode production.
When asked to comment about the new editing, actress Kathy Chow, who plays Consort Yang in the drama, stated that it was a better editing than the mainland edited version where the viewers were only able to see the actresses’ heads, likening it to ‘big-headed dolls’.
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