Taiwanese model-actress Tiffany Hsu has recently urged the media to stop reporting about her love life.

According to On CC News, the actress, whose was rumoured to have ended her eight-year relationship with Ethan Ruan previously, turned to Facebook to express her thoughts about the whole brouhaha.

She wrote, “In regard to all the recent reports, I want to thank you all for your concern. But I feel it’s a waste of resources for people to keep reading this dull news.”
“I am still the same as I was before – living my life, focusing on my work, teaching myself to grow as a person, and working hard to lead a fulfilling life.”
The actress added that she hopes to be left alone to gather her thoughts and let everything calm down so that she can move on with her life.
However, the post has only re-sparked speculations about her relationship with the Taiwanese star.
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