Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su has recently announced the birth of her baby.
As reported on Now News, on 29 April, the 44-year-old singer turned to Facebook and revealed that her son was born via Caesarean section the day before, weighing at 3.1 kg.

Posting a photo of her son’s tiny footprints, Tarcy wrote, “I started crying as well when I heard your cries. Haha! I wasn’t able to contain myself.”

“This is a joyful moment, and we will have a long journey ahead. I hope that you will be healthy and happy. The world is your playground, so enjoy the game. There are a lot of words that I want to say, but I think we have the whole future ahead of us to talk about it. Love you!”
Tarcy’s manager revealed that the singer and her husband, Jimmy, have yet to decide on a name for their first born, but are calling him Didi in the meantime.
This is the first baby for the couple, who got married back in March last year.
(Photo source: epochtimes.com)