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If you can’t decide whether to improve your strength and balance with some sky rope obstacles or to burn 1,000 calories by just jumping around on a trampoline this weekend, why not do both at the newly opened EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park?

Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, the park has a multitude of activities to choose from. The best part? It is kid-friendly, making it the perfect place for the whole family to have some wholesome fun on the weekend.

Climbing wall (left), cashier in a container (top),
shoeracks (bottom) – no shoes allowed in the area, only grip socks.
“This place is great for parents and for kids,” said model Amber Chia, who is a mother to an active little boy herself. “You get to have fun while exercising.”
Located in Subang Jaya, Managing Director of EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park Alvin Tey revealed to that he chose the location because of the easy accessibility and space size, the latter which made it possible to combine all the fun activities under one roof.
Alvin, who is no stranger to business as he already owns some in Johor, came up with the extreme park idea as it was something he often saw in Australia. “It’s supported by the government, I’d like for that to happen here too.”
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Managing Director of EnerZ Indoor
Extreme Park Alvin Tey (right) and brother, Peter.
Putting health and family bonding as priorities, the park even has an area that cater specifically for toddlers under 90cm. Concerned about today’s youngsters who get too little exercise and tend to channel their energy into unproductive activities, Alvin also intends for the park to be a place where their energy (hence the EnerZ name) can be more well spent. 
The park offers unlimited day passes and family package, and companies too can do their team building here. Those who look at the table below and think 2 to 3 hours are not enough, you’d be surprised how tiring it can get even after just an hour.
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Admission fee based on hourly rate.
Alvin plans to expand the franchise into Johor next, where it can also cater to Singaporean customers.
“For now we absorb the GST for the price,” said the managing director, referring to the recently implemented Goods and Services Tax. “But we offer another kind of GST here.”
The park currently holds a GST (Gut Builder, Sky Ropes, Trampoline) Challenge. Participants only need to post their photos or videos doing the challenge on FB or Instagram (#EnerzHereICome, #EnerzGST Challenge, #EnerzWhoDaresMe) and nominate their friends or family to do the same.
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Amber Chia nominates Jennifer Foh (second from left)
and Alan S (far right) for the challenge.
For each submission received, the park will also sponsor one orphan to attend their Enerz Edutainment Programme, designed to enable kids to learn and explore fun physical activities.
Let’s take a look at the GST Challenge at EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park:

Gut Builder

Ashton Wong shows off his skills (left), the Gut Builder (top),
Amber and son Ashton on the Gut Builder (bottom).
As the name suggests, the purpose of this sprawling structure is to build gut (courage) especially for beginners. The area may be designated for kids but the young at heart can have fun here too. But do take note of the height limit as anyone exceeding 170cm is not permitted on the Gut Builder.

Sky Ropes

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Amber Chia tries the Flying Fox.
Sky Ropes (top) and badminton court (bottom).
Build your upper body strength by walking on ropes high up in the air (great training for agoraphobics to overcome their fear too). Anyone below 155cm is not allowed for Sky Ropes (unless accompanied by someone taller) because there will be problems reaching the ropes. The best part is the Flying Fox, where you can experience the feeling of zipping through the air. If ground activities are more your speed, grab your rackets and head over to the spacious badminton court.


Different trampoline zones.
The trampolines are sectioned into patches of various sizes, and only one person is allowed to jump in one patch at any time. If you’re game for more, try the dodge ball trampoline (bottom right picture), foam pit trampoline (bottom left) or basketball trampoline (top left).
There are also other activities such as martial arts classes and fitness classes. To know more, visit or