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Indonesia’s number one songstress Rossa, or known as Dato’ Rossa in Malaysia, will be making a special performance called “Malam Keajaiban Cinta” at Panggung Sari Istana Budaya on 22 and 23 May 2015 at 8pm.

“Unwavering love with no boundaries belongs to all, and it does not come from artistes, millionaires, philanthropists, or any other parties. However, the secret of Keajaiban Cinta (miraculous love) is specifically meant for all the women from around the world who celebrates Mother’s Day.
“The love and affection towards our mothers should always be in our minds,” said Rossa, according to Rentak Sejuta.
Rossa, who is one of the most popular artistes in Indonesia and Malay-speaking countries as well as one of the best-selling Indonesian artistes, will have the honour of becoming the first ever Indonesian singer to perform on Istana Budaya stage.

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“Who doesn’t wish to perform at Istana Budaya? I have always looked out for a chance to perform there and now I am grateful to have been given the opportunity,” said the 36-year-old singer, as quoted by Berita Harian.
The tickets for Rossa’s special concert are priced at RM 78.00, RM 108.00, RM 218.00, RM 238.00, RM 258.00, RM 278.00, RM 338.00 & RM 518.00, and can be purchased via