Hong Kong singer Rainky Wai recently revealed that her new song, “Love You Dearly”, was dedicated to her mother who was involved in a car accident half a year ago.

As reported on On CC News, Rainky, who appeared on a radio station to promote the new song, disclosed, “Since last year, my mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse. As a daughter, I want to support her in any way that I can.”

Rainky stated that the lyrics to “Love You Dearly” were originally complicated, but she decided to make it simpler so that it could effectively express her love for her mother.
She explained that her mother was on her way to the bank when the accident happened.
“A car suddenly crashed into her. She was unconscious for about a minute and didn’t understand what had happened. She broke three ribs and suffered a lot of fractures.”
When asked about her mother’s current status, Rainky revealed that she will be having her second surgery in August to take out the screws in her legs.
The devoted daughter stated that she has decided to take a break from work in August to take care of her mother.
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)