It was recently reported that Peter Chan, director of multiple awards-nominated film “Dearest”, is planning to sue the production company of Andy Lau’s “Lost and Love”.

As reported on HK Channel, previously, the Hong Kong director was accused of plagiarising the Andy Lau-starrer, after it was revealed that the premise of his film – about a desperate mother in search of her lost child – is similar to the Peng Sanyuan directorial debut.

Rumours were rife that he heard about the story during its pre-production stage and decided to produce and release his version first.
When asked about the plagiarism accusation earlier, Peter seemed upset as he denied it, and said, “According to what I know, Andy’s film has a lot of stories woven into one. That’s different from mine.”
However, on 20 April, it was revealed that Peter will be issuing a legal letter to the creative team of “Love and Lost”, though the content of the letter has yet to be revealed.
As for the reason why he decided to take an action now after so long, sources claimed that he was spending time collecting more proof of plagiarism.
The director also declined to respond to inquiries about the issue, and stated that he will make his official statement soon.
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