“Helios” actor Nick Cheung urges the authority to ease the policy when it comes to promoting films.
According to Mingpao News, the actor, who attended the 23rd Great Chefs of Hong Kong event recently, expressed his frustration over the taking down of “Helios” billboard from the Cross-Harbour Tunnel spot.

Previously, the management of the CHT demanded for the billboards, that features slogans such as “Is Hong Kong Safe?” and “Hong Kong is Entering a Countdown Alert”, to be taken down from its spot due to political sensitivity.

To this, Nick said, “Since I was little, I knew that the spot by the tunnel was for advertisements, mostly for films.”
“Hong Kong viewers are smart. They know that the spot is used for promotions. So, I hope that the management can be more lenient about it.”
Nick believed that the lack of advertisement at the spot will affect the box office.
“Helios” is scheduled for release this 30 April.