Following her eviction from her Happy Valley home recently, 92-year-old Tam Mei Kam, mother of the late Hong Kong diva Anita Mui fondly known as Mother Mui, revealed that she has yet to find another place to stay.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, Mother Mui, who has been staying at a hospital since her eviction due to high blood pressure, stated that she hopes to find a new residence soon, though the search will pose a big challenge.

“No property owner would dare to lease a house to me. They are afraid that I will have no money to pay the rent,” she said.
Mother Mui also stated that many friends advised her to go to the court and asked for temporary assistance via Anita Mui’s trust fund.
She added sadly, “If I can’t find any, I will just buy a tent to sleep on the street outside the High Court.”
Mother Mui was recently evicted from her Happy Valley home for failing to pay six months worth of rent. Despite being provided with the living expenses of only HKD20,000 a month from her late daughter’s trust fund, she had been living in a house that cost a monthly rent of HKD43,000.
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