Actress Michelle Yeoh recently revealed that she has safely returned home after being stuck in Kathmandu following an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

The Malaysian-born actress, who was in the country to accompany fiancé Jean Todt to a meeting, was previously stranded with all the other attendees when it was revealed that all international flights had been cancelled.

The Federation International Automobile (FIA) also revealed that a private jet was arranged to take the couple home.
According to On CC News, on 27 April, Michelle indicated that she and Todt have already returned home safely. 
“I thank media and friends for worrying about us. We are so blessed and lucky we are safely home. Our hearts stay and grief in Kathmandu in Nepal, we thank our friends there for having kept us safe and helped us return home when theirs was in danger and some destroyed. 
“We promise that we will do whatever we can for them. I hope that you all will too. I met some tourists from China, HK and Malaysia there and I pray that they are safe and will be home soon too.” 
(Photo source: blogautomobile.fr)