Model-turned-producer Marie Zhuge recently denied reports saying that she has never approached Cecilia Cheung for a film project under her studio, Tao International.

As reported on China Daily, on 1 April, Cecilia’s manager went online and said that Marie had neither contacted AEG nor Cecilia for any film project, despite Marie’s original statement expressing her ambition to work with the troubled actress.

However, just when the speculations start to build, Marie recently stepped up and explained that Cecilia’s manager was only making an April Fools’ joke.
Marie also stated that the movie is only the first step in the mutual cooperation between her company and the actress, as there will be more future collaborations.
Reportedly, the model-actress, who once starred in “All’s Well, Ends Well” with Cecilia in 2011, has always admired the actress for her strong personality.
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