Seeing how loyal Lay is to his idol group EXO, SM Entertainment recently revealed that it has set up a company in China solely to manage Lay’s career in Greater China.

According to Kpop Starz, on 8 April, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed that Lay, born Zhang Yixing, has signed an exclusive contract to work with “Lay Workshop”, which will manage his career in China.

The contract also ensures that the singer-actor will be able to work within China, in whatever project he prefers, with SM Entertainment’s support. 
Many believed that the move was to deter Lay, the only remaining Chinese member of EXO aside from Tao, from leaving the company to pursue individual debut like what estranged members Kris Wu and Luhan did.
However, the singer himself was very pleased with the new contract, saying, “I firmly believe that my activities in China will boost EXO and SM Entertainment’s popularity in the region, as well as foster more cultural exchange between Korea and China.”
Lay has already signed to work with Zhang Ziyi in her latest film production, “Oh My God”.