There is no room for reconciliation between Jay Chou and Jacky Wu, or at least that’s what the latter told the media recently.

As reported on China News, previously, mutual friends Will Liu and Jeffery Hsu planned to reunite the former mentor and protégé through a dinner gathering, after the conflict that had sparked between them caused by Jay’s failure to invite Jacky to three of his wedding receptions.

It ended with no success, with the absence of both parties – Jacky for mistaking the date, and Jay for being on his honeymoon in Thailand.
When asked about his absence, Jacky stated that it was nothing more than a mere gathering of friends and has nothing to do with any conflict.
However, he seemed to be angrier after finding out that Jay didn’t even come to the event, saying, “Let them learn the way of the world.”
Jacky added that he is too busy with work and would have no time to meet Jay Chou.
Jay’s agency, JVR Music, has declined to respond to the issue.
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)