Rumours are rife that the root of the conflict between Elaine Ng and daughter Etta was actually her father, Jackie Chan.

As reported on HK Channel, a source claimed that Etta had told someone the reason of their falling-out recently: she had asked her mother’s permission to meet Jackie.

Allegedly, Etta wanted to see him face to face, even just for a short time. However, Elaine objected to it.
“Elaine has always wanted to earn more so that she could send her daughter to the Harvard University as Etta was quite excellent in her studies, but since they return to Hong Kong, Etta kept reading about her father on the news and wanted to meet him.”
The source claimed that the mother-daughter relationship turned sour when Elaine vehemently objected to it – causing Etta to rebel.
The insider added that Etta’s changing attitude stressed Elaine so much that it started her drinking problem, and ultimately, the first conflict last month.
However, when asked to address the rumours today, Elaine simply replied, “There is no such thing!”
(Photo source: lockerdome.com)