Unlike the philanthropist that he is today, action star Jackie Chan revealed that he used to be an extravagant man back in his 20s.

According to Mingpao News, in his book, “Jackie Chan: Never Grew Up, Only Grew Older”, Jackie reminisced about the moment he went from being an uneducated stuntman to a 10 million dollar star.

“Suddenly I had 10 million dollars. What was that? I couldn’t wait to buy everything I wanted to buy in a lifetime and bought it all in a week!” he said.
His lavish spending includes splurging over 500,000 dollars at a watch store in Canada and giving each and every one of his Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association members a gift.
He also bought seven watches at Albert Yeung’s store, saying, “I only asked for the most expensive ones with diamonds!”
Jackie also admitted that since he did not know how to use his credit card, he ended up carrying 1.5 million in cash with him.
“Luckily, the Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association members were with me. They took some and carried it around for me,” he joked.
Jackie expressed his hopes that his past experience would be a lesson for the new generation.
“I don’t mind people saying that I am not cultured. I have indeed gone through those stages in life, but now I am spending money where money should be spent,” he said.
(Photo source: jackiechankids.com)